Lauren’s top tips to make the most of your bridal appointment!

How to get the most from your bridal appointment at The Wedding HQ

Lauren is one of the owners and co-founder of The Wedding HQ Bridal store, Pleasley Mansfield. She works with hundreds of brides each year and personally handpicks every dress that is in store. She knows which dresses fit and flatter each body type, what works in reality. Laurens aim is to make sure that each of her bride’s feel truly beautiful and the best version of themselves for their big day.

Here she reveals her top tips on how to get the most from your appointment at The Wedding HQ.

Ladies searching for your dream wedding dress is very different kettle of fish then from nipping into Topshop to buy a new top. Here are my top tips to make the most from your bridal appointment and how to create the best bridal experience for yourself.


1) Know your budget and be honest with your consultant,

Lots of brides have this bizarre notion that you have to be mysterious about your bridal budget.

The reason you may get asked the big B question is simply to make sure we can make the most of your time at your appointment. As without arming the team with this information your bridal consultant might pick out gowns that are out of reach, and this only wastes valuable time in your appointment.

So if you have a set budget in mind please let us know at the start of your appointment so we can make the most effective use of your time. Our store has been customarily designed to show our gowns with style and budget in mind, with this we can direct you to the best part of the store to help you find your dream dress.

It will ensure you don’t fall for a dress that’s beyond your reach and could push you beyond your comfort zone. We have an enormous range of dresses, so chances are we have something for you.


2) Bring the right tribe … and keep it small!!

Ladies from years of experience take this pearl of wisdom……….. Bring only one or two people with you.

You might want to make a nice day of it for all your extended family, friends and maids but honestly with so many opinions flying around it makes finding that dream dress nigh on impossible. Bring along people whose opinions you trust. It can be very confusing for a bride when they bring a large group of friends as you hear all their opinions in one go. Look to closest family and friends for honest feedback, but always trust your own instinct. We can always host a big reveal appointment to showcase your stunning gown when she arrives in store.


3) Be open,

Just because you’ve pinned it on Pinterest doesn’t mean she will be The Oneon! It’s easy to discount dresses on the hanger but when they’re on you it’s a whole different story. Try different silhouettes that you might not of first thought of. We will let you look at all of our stunning gowns and will let you pick a selection to try. Listen to your expert bridal consultant as they know about different body shapes and they might pick you some wild cards to try that they know you will look utterly fabulous in. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


4) Wear the right underwear,

Set your self up for a great start. Black or neon pants and bras with straps are a no-no. They will distract you from looking at the gown you are in. Keep it nude coloured and as seamless as possible.


5) Believe in your beauty,

Confidence really is key to a smooth and successful dress appointment. Know that you’re beautiful. A bride who is comfortable and confident in her own skin has already nailed it.” And we couldn’t agree more!


6) How Many Stores Should I Go to When Wedding Dress Shopping?

This differs from person to person. We recommend not over doing it, just trying a small selection of stores. We often find that brides that have been to quite a few shops are often stressed or have gotten into the habit of trying on pretty dresses and have lost the main focus of finding their dream wedding dress. Don’t panic the experience doesn’t end when you say yes! You will receive further styling and alteration appointments. Not to mention bridesmaids and mother of the bride appointments. Some ladies fall in love at first sight with their dream dress in the first shop. When you know you know!


7) Don’t be afraid to fall in love with the first dress!

If you fall in love with that first dress then don’t panic and over think it. We will let you try on more dresses in your appointment but if by the end of your appointment you can’t wait to get back into her, don’t fight it “she’s the one”. If you love her and feel amazing in her and can imagine walking down the isle then she’s the one!


8) It pays to be decisive!

Ladies don’t forget your purse! Over the years we have seen ladies fall in love with gowns but have not brought any means of payment with them to their appointment. On returning into store later to buy their dream dress then only to find out that she has been snapped up by another bride! Its a heartbreaking scenario as then no other dress then lives up to the original!

Also the cherry on top is that lots of shops run offers if you purchase your gown at your first appointment, so it really pays to be decisive!


9) When you’ve found the one, stop looking… No more trying on. No more Internet searches. You’ll only be torturing yourself. You made the right choice. Put down the phone!


10) Become a HQ bride and join the family.

Ladies our passion is finding you your dream dress. We listen to what your vision is for your big day and try to help you create it with your gown. With no Saturday girls on commission you won’t experience any pushy selling here at The Wedding HQ. We pride ourselves on our reputation and we only want happiest of brides. You will forever be a HQ bride!